Whether undertaking major projects like fitting out your newly opening branch, installing permanent objects, decorating for your month-long festival in a shopping mall, or benefiting from the power of visual productions to speak to your audience through video and photograph content, Hexagon’s production department will kick-start, design and finish off your long awaited event from concept to delivery.
From stage set ups to professional video & photo productions, corporate branch fit-out to custom festival installations, Hexagon’s unmatched global and local expertise in the production market will go above and beyond your expectations and amaze your audience.


Hexagon’s in-house visual designers & talented artists will deliver spectacular ideas without boundaries that can fit into your desired concept with a touch of being realistically thematic and at the same time being imaginative. Hexagon and its trusted production partners ensure every small detail is being checked to draw the attention of the visitors of the exhibitions and the fairs to your booth.


Tailor made and eye-catching light installations for malls, buildings and any type of surface to reinforce your brand’s message and to create 360 ° visual interaction will be designed, organized and performed by Hexagon, whenever and wherever you desire!


In case your brand requires a fresh new look to represent your time-worn corporate image? Hexagon will provide a variety of design and product options per your interior fit-outs preferences to impress your visitors. At the end, who doesn’t want to impress the guests with a chic, comfortable and stylish interior?


Based on your branding guideline and personalized preferences, Hexagon will create various design alternatives that can evoke emotions of the crowd through selected design elements that convey the visual language of events or concept exercises.

What Production Is, And How It Works?

At Hexagon, production is the art of bringing creative visions to life. It's where ideas are transformed into tangible experiences that captivate and engage audiences. Our process begins with a deep dive into your goals and objectives, ensuring every aspect of the production, from initial concept to final execution, aligns perfectly with your vision. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques, our team meticulously plans and orchestrates every detail, from staging and sound to lighting and visuals. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless and impactful delivery for every event, regardless of scale or complexity.

Why Production in Qatar is Important?

In Qatar's rapidly evolving landscape, high-caliber production is more than just important—it's essential. It sets the stage for experiences that resonate with audiences, fostering memorable connections and reinforcing Qatar's position as a premier destination for world-class events. Whether it's cultural festivals, corporate gatherings, or large-scale public events, Hexagon's production expertise ensures that every project not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of excellence. Our commitment to quality and innovation propels Qatar's events to the forefront of the global stage, showcasing the rich heritage and ambitious vision of the nation.

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Admin & Sales Executive

Kherra Socorum

Kherra is an enterprising administrative professional with extensive experience in event operations. With her entrepreneurial spirit and meticulous approach, she excels in managing and coordinating various aspects of event logistics, ensuring smooth operations and successful outcomes

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Natali Khan

With an eye for detail and a passion for fashion, our talented stylist creates unforgettable looks. From runway to events, they effortlessly blend trends and personal style, transforming individuals into cool icons. Elevate your imaginary with our exceptional stylist.

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Marketing Consultant

Pınar Darende

A strategic planner and a creative storyteller, giving 360° marketing and communication advice.

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Marketing Manger

Deniz Narin

For the past 12 years, he has been developing advertising and marketing strategies for global brands, creating content, and designing campaigns. He brings a fresh perspective to Hexagon's marketing department.

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Graphic Designer

Mehmet Ali Görgü

He combined his illustration and graphic design skills to visualize the most dynamic content in the event industry.

Business Consultant

Dr. Emin Balcioglu

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Ufuk Yurtbil

A superhero available on demand when the galaxy is in danger. Appears out of nowhere with an eccentric idea and disappears right after. Your peculiar copywriter...

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Finance & Hr Executive

Nicole Estrada

Multi-tasking angel, handling financial control, supply chain coordination and HR administration. All with a smile on her face.

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Operations Manager

Edrin Latorre

Solution-oriented superhero, managing all our event operations with meticulous attention to detail.

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Operations Coordinator

Ercan Bahceci

Genie on-the-ground, creating practical solutions within minutes.

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Media Designer

Johana Nasreen

Artsy creator of exceptional worlds by integrating visuals, text and animated elements. Diverse talent with an exquisite taste.

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Architectural Designer

Atakan Erdogmus

Magic master of 3D visual creation with 15+ years of experience in event design.

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Senior Business Executive For Digital Marketing

Aakanksha Bakshi

Mindreader of clients, orchestrating campaign planning, development and implementation. Great communicator, always looking for new ideas.

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Events Business Director

Gulsah Uzun

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management, Gulsah started her career in Turkey, working for Oyak Tourism and Travel Services which gave her the opportunity to conduct events in more than 30 countries.

She advanced her career in Avon Cosmetics and then Qatar National Bank in corporate communication positions, specializing in events, sponsorship, corporate social responsibility programs and public relations.

Moving to Doha in 2017, she gained local market experience in Mazaya WLL and Qatar Airways Group in business development positions. After being part of more than 250 events during her journey, Gulsah brings her experience and expertise to Hexagon WLL and serves as the Business Director of Events and Entertainment

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Managing Partner

Alihan Tokmak

With a double major in Tourism Management and Business Management, Alihan began his career in Turkey, working for multinational companies such as Hasbro and Sennheiser in sales and marketing roles. He entered the events industry in 1998, gaining experience in operations, logistics, artist management, and technical production. As a seasoned event producer, Alihan joined Hexagon in 2012, bringing extensive expertise in design, planning, logistics, and crew management to ensure operational excellence and client satisfaction.

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Founding Partner

Ali Boray Dundar

A seasoned event designer with an extensive background in technology, mastermind of Hexagon’s event operations and productions.

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Founding Partner

Markus Katterle

A special effects guru and a master of storytelling who is performing event effects all around the globe for over 35 years. One of the visionaries behind the Hexagon idea.

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Mohamed Khalifa Al Sada

Mr. Al-Sada is one of the founding partners and Managing Partner on behalf of the shareholder board. He is a visionary Qatari businessman who along with the partners have brought together Hexagon.