From humble to majestic, all sorts of multimedia shows are designed, operated and handled to add a dreamlike quality to your event. Multimedia shows and special FX that Hexagon provides are selected wisely depending on the brand’s goals and expectations.
Hexagon is well aware that the visual spectacle with musical synchronization is the key when designing grandeur events that enchant the audience and leave a mark.
Thus, Hexagon has been awarded for carrying out the most memorable shows and visual performances from around the world and is eager to impress the audience.


From indoor to outdoor pyrotechnics with 1.4S, 1.4G or 1.3G fireworks classifications can be delivered by Hexagon with an extravagant finish and spectacular series of sequence that can be customized based on the event theme and concept.


Hexagon utilises world-class special flamethrower effects that can be programmed up to 9m high and 210° rotation. Hexagon’s smart flame effects can be synchronized with other multimedia elements and have flexible installation methods that can be implemented on various stage setups to amplify the experience of the audience.


Hexagon’s vivid special effects will turn your stage into a venue for your infinite imagination. Either for concerts, opening and closing ceremonies, weddings, business openings, birthday parties or even just for a humble family reunion, Hexagon can provide sparkulars, Co2 Jets, confetti, streamers, flames and many other special effects as per your event’s theme and your desire.


Audiences love water effects and you have plenty of opportunities to impress them. Per your preferences, Hexagon will blend nature with state-of-the-art technology and project a video content using water as a background or fire up a number of water geysers that can shoot water up to 70m high to create unforgettable moments, exceeding your expectations with optimized cost.


Hexagon’s laser shows display the most innovative entertainment performances using cutting-edge laser technologies. Laser effects can be implemented on concerts, awarding/closing ceremonies, conferences, parties and many more! Hexagon’s internationally renowned experts and certified technicians ensure a spectacular and safe show without any burden on you. Are your audience ready for the fun?


Would you like to add a jawdropping drone show to your spectacular event? Good call! Hexagon creates breathtaking drone shows that light up the sky of your outdoor event to amaze the audiences with a wow effect in a secure environment. A super innovative and noise free way for audiences to enjoy night sky entertainment. It’s time to elevate the night!


Have you ever thought of expanding your brand’s renown with a world-class projection show that can be presented on buildings, cars, or any customized production, based on the concept of the event? Hexagon offers 3D video mapping services that can be integrated from concerts and plays to corporate and largescale events, utilizing all interactive and holographic technologies and various stateof-the-art techniques.


If it is a CrowdLed event, you feel it, see it, breathe it, live it. Hexagon makes everyone part of the show. Our remote controlled LED wearables are the industry’s most advanced, but at the same time, the LED balls, lanyards and wristbands are as easy to use as a stage light. The goal is to take the audience on a dazzling journey and create long-lasting memories.

Business Consultant

Dr. Emin Balcioglu


Ufuk Yurtbil

A superhero available on demand when the galaxy is in danger. Appears out of nowhere with an eccentric idea and disappears right after. Your peculiar copywriter...

Finance & Hr Executive

Nicole Estrada

Multi-tasking angel, handling financial control, supply chain coordination and HR administration. All with a smile on her face.

Events Operations Leader

Edrin Latorre

Solution-oriented superhero, managing all our event operations with meticulous attention to detail.

Event Operations Executive

Ercan Bahceci

Genie on-the-ground, creating practical solutions within minutes.

Media Designer

Johana Nasreen

Artsy creator of exceptional worlds by integrating visuals, text and animated elements. Diverse talent with an exquisite taste.

3D Visual Artist

Atakan Erdogmus

Magic master of 3D visual creation with 15+ years of experience in event design.

Senior Business Executive For Digital Marketing

Aakanksha Bakshi

Mindreader of clients, orchestrating campaign planning, development and implementation. Great communicator, always looking for new ideas.

Events Business Director

Gulsah Uzun

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management, Gulsah started her career in Turkey, working for Oyak Tourism and Travel Services which gave her the opportunity to conduct events in more than 30 countries.

She advanced her career in Avon Cosmetics and then Qatar National Bank in corporate communication positions, specializing in events, sponsorship, corporate social responsibility programs and public relations.

Moving to Doha in 2017, she gained local market experience in Mazaya WLL and Qatar Airways Group in business development positions. After being part of more than 250 events during her journey, Gulsah brings her experience and expertise to Hexagon WLL and serves as the Business Director of Events and Entertainment

Managing Partner

Alihan Tokmak

Holding a double major in Tourism Management and Business Management, Alihan started his career in Turkey, working for multinational giants like Hasbro and Sennheiser in sales and marketing positions.

Entering the events industry in 1998, he has gained experience in operations, logistics, artist management and technical production by being involved in large scale festivals, product launches and sports ceremonies.

As a seasoned event producer with extensive know-how in design, operational planning, logistics and crew management, Alihan moved to Doha and joined Hexagon in 2012 to ensure operational excellence and client satisfaction.

Founding Partner

Ali Boray Dundar

A seasoned event designer with an extensive background in technology, mastermind of Hexagon’s event operations and productions.

Founding Partner

Markus Katterle

A special effects guru and a master of storytelling who is performing event effects all around the globe for over 35 years. One of the visionaries behind the Hexagon idea.

Managing Director

Mohamed Khalifa Al Sada

Mr. Al-Sada is one of the founding partners and Managing Partner on behalf of the shareholder board. He is a visionary Qatari businessman who along with the partners have brought together Hexagon.